Seasonic Core Gold GC-650 650W 80+ Gold rated PSU – CORE-GC-650

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Seasonic Core Gold GC-650 650W 80+ Gold rated PSU – CORE-GC-650The CORE Series is the brand new series that completes the Seasonic lineup. The 80 PLUS? Gold certified CORE Series comes in all three cabling setups, including the fully modular CORE GX, semi-modular CORE GM, and lastly the fixed-cabled CORE GC. The Seasonic Smart and Silent Fan Control automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the temperature inside the power supply. As part of the TUF Gaming Alliance, the CORE Series is the perfect unit to go with your gaming PC.80 PLUS? GoldThe Seasonic Core GC-650 is a reliable PC power supply with 80 PLUS Gold Certification, temperature-controlled 120mm fan and 7-year manufacturer guarantee. With its ability to output 650 Watts continuously, it is ideally suited for gaming PCs and, thanks to its powerful 12V rail rated for 54A, also perfect for use with demanding high-performance hardware.S2FC – Smart and Silent Fan ControlThanks to the automatically controlled 120mm fan, users will benefit from the low noise produced by the unit, being virtually silent at low loads. The high efficiency of the Seasonic Core GC-650 means that it maintains 92 percent efficiency at 50% load, successfully earning it the sought after 80 PLUS Gold certification. This means that not only is the power supply efficient, it also produces less heat and uses less power – a blessing when it comes to constantly rising energy prices.When it comes to connectivity, a 20+4-pin and a 4+4-pin motherboard connector are available, as well as four 6+2-pin PCIe connectors. For drives and the like, the PSU includes six SATA- and three 4-pin Molex connectors. The cables are optimised for airflow and for minimising their footprint within the case.
Seasonic GC-650 Gold Features

80 PLUS? Gold certified
Fixed cables
Tight Voltage Regulation
S2FC – Smart and Silent Fan Control
DC to DC Converter Design
105 ?C Japanese Capacitor
7 years warranty


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