Phanteks Glacier One 280MP All In One CPU Water Cooler D-RGB Black – PH-GO280MP_DBK01

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Phanteks Glacier One 280MP All In One CPU Water Cooler D-RGB Black – PH-GO280MP_DBK01The Phanteks Glacier One 280 MP is a premium quality all-in-one (AiO)
liquid cooler. It features two powerful 140mm fans with high static
pressure. There is also a PWM-controlled pump to provide users with the
sufficient cooling for an advanced modern system. Its aesthetics are
equally impressive with easy to configure digitally addressable RGB
lighting and an eye-catching mirror with an infinity effect.The Phanteks Glacier One 280 MP has a 280mm dual radiator and is
constructed from aluminium with a fin density of 21 FPI. This provides a
large surface area for cooling while retaining a compact form factor.
PWM controls provide adjustable cooling and guarantee
high-performance. In general, the pump reaches speeds of up to 2,800rpm
but it can run at 3600rpm once coolant reaches temperatures exceeding
60?C. An Intelligent protection mechanism automatically responds to high
temperatures and adjusts the pump’s speed accordingly. These combined
features ensure your PC hardware will run safely and at its optimum.
The two 140 mm fans feature large fan blades that achieve a high
static pressure and can pass up to 158.1 m/h (93.05 cfm). A daisy-chain
cable design prevents cables from getting tangled up.
In addition to a compact design, the Phanteks Glacier One 280 MP has
angled fittings to enable high compatibility with motherboards, memory
modules and other components.High Performance and an elegant designThe radiator-pump combination is undoubtedly the AiO cooler’s visual highlight. It is equipped with RGB lighting and an infinity mirror. As well as a total of 14 digitally addressable RGB LEDs. Illumination effects can be controlled via Phanteks RGB controller or software.The flexible tubes are sleeved and contribute to a stylish design. With the included tube clips, the tubes can be easily positioned. The Glacier One 280 MP is already prefilled and pre-applied with heat conductive paste on the CPU contact surface.A cover can be magnetically attached to the pump housing after mounting. This results in a stylish and clean look.Phanteks Glacier One FeaturesBlack all-in-one liquid cooler280mm aluminium radiatorHigh-performance pump with PWM control for quiet operationsTwo 140mm PWM fans with high static pressurePump cover with D-RGB lighting and infinity mirrorEasy installation and high compatibility


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