MSI MPG A750GF 750W Power Supply, 80 Plus Gold certified Fully Modular PSU

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MSI MPG A750GF 750W, 80 Plus Gold certified Fully Modular PSU – 306-7ZP0B18-CE0GPU Support For AllThe MPG gaming power supply can support the NVIDIA GeForce RTX? 30/20 Series and AMD GPUs. Prepared for the highest of requirements, the MPG power supply?s IO supports can support different and versatile ways of connection according to the power connector design of different graphics cards.80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIEDThe efficiency of your power supply directly influences your system?s performance and your power consumption. The 80 PLUS Gold certification promises lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.TRUSTWORTHY AND EFFICIENTThe MPG gaming power supply is proudly backed by a 10-year limited warranty, guaranteeing long term reliable operation.100% Japanese 105? C CapacitorsAiming for unwavering product quality and performance stability, the MPG gaming power supply comes with 100% Japanese 105? C capacitors and solid capacitors.Only What You NeedOrganizing cables is often the most bothersome part of building a PC. With the MPG gaming power supply?s fully modular design, it means that only the connectors required by the build need to be used, significantly reducing cable clutter and simplifying the system?s overall build.All The More OrganizedAll of the MPG gaming power supply?s cables are flat and in black. The flat cables make cable management easier and less of headache! Thanks to the flat cables, the entire system can be more organized and has more room for unobstructed airflow. Use the cables you need, and store the rest in the included cable bag.Feels Right At HomeThe MPG gaming power supply?s 160mm-long and 150mm-wide dimensions ensure a comfortable and easy fit in most PC cases, effectively providing more space for cable management and airflow to the rest of the system.SILENCE WITHOUT DURABILITY COMPROMISEThe MPG gaming power supply performs quietly at 22dB and enjoys superb durability thanks to its FDB fan that has a longer lifespan than sleeve bearing fans.
MSI MPG A850GF Features

Supports the NVIDIA GeForce RTX? 30 Series GPUs
Full modular cable design
Flat cable equipment
10-year warranty
80 Plus Gold certified for high efficiency
100% all Japanese 105oC capacitor
Active PFC design
Industrial level protection with OVP,OCP,OPP,OTP, SCP,UVP
LLC Half Bridge Topology with DC-DC module design


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