Lian Li UNI SL140 Addressable RGB White 140mm Fan – UF-SL140-1W

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Lian Li UNI SL140 Addressable RGB White 140mm Fan – UF-SL140-1WThe Lian Li UNI FAN SL140 features a clever and unique design, with the
fans including contact pins and being connected via a simple plug-in
system. Multiple fans no longer have to be connected individually, which
saves a lot of time and prevents cable clutter.

Additionally a fluid dynamic ball bearings ensure smooth operation and
improve durability. Since friction is reduced, the fans can run at
higher speeds without greater energy consumption. The UNI SL140 fans
have a maximum full speed of 1500 rpm with up to 30 dB (A) under full
load. They also run quiet with 70.5 CFM airflow and 1.65 mm H2O static
pressure at full speed

Each fan includes 32 digitally addressable RGB LEDs. This is operated
via software and enables users to set both fan speed and illumination
effects. Alternatively you can add to a triple pack which includes the
manual controller.
Lian Li SL140 Features

32 digitally addressable RGB LEDs per fan
Software control for speed and illumination options
Max. 1500 rpm speed at 30 dB (A)
70.5 CFM max. Airflow & 1.65 mm max. H2O air pressure
Vibration reduction material


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