Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini-S Midi-Tower Tempered Glass – Snow Edition

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Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini-S Midi-Tower Tempered Glass – Snow EditionThe Lian Li O11D Mini ITX Case was developed in collaboration with celebrated overclocker, der8auer, and is now available in the stylish Snow Edition.
This stunning, all white case was originally an exclusive competition
prize and rereleased due to popular demand. Although it sports a new
colour scheme, it still has the same modular, dynamic design as the O11
range. With configurable expansion slots, a dual chamber design, and
adjustable pump heights, this case packs plenty of options for your
gaming PC.Updated AestheticThe Lian Li O11D Mini Snow Edition is the latest addition to the O11D range. This new colour scheme does away with the silver and dark highlights of the previous white model. Instead, Lian Li have opted for a cleaner, completely white aesthetic. This mono-colour design shrouds the entire interior and exterior of the case in a bright, white finish which helps accentuate your internal components and any RGB hardware you may install.Originally released as a Christmas exclusive, the demand for an entirely white case in the O11D was high enough for Lian Li to extend the supply beyond the initial competition. Collectors of white components can now rejoice that this case is available.Raising the Modular BarThe Lian Li O11D Mini Snow Edition is a fully modular case, developed in collaboration with celebrated overclocker, der8auer. This compact case offers multiple configurations despite its small stature. Options include having 3, 5, or 7 expansion slots. There is even space to install a comprehensive cooling system on top of full-sized hardware.7 Expansion SlotsConfiguring the back panel to allow the maximum amount of expansion slots supports the installation of an ATX motherboard. Alternatively, using a smaller motherboard in this configuration will provide additional airflow. The cooling system can be customised in a number of ways, even with the ATX motherboard in place. The case can accommodate: Roof: 120mm or 140mm fans, up to 25mm thick Side: a 280mm x 65mm radiator or 240mm x 85mm radiator Bottom: a 360mm radiator or 3 120mm fans with an ATX or Bottom: a 360mm or 280mm radiator or 3 x 140mm fans with the M-ATX or M-ITXUsing the full seven slots is ideal for making the most of a larger motherboard. With space for the ATX form factor, you won?t have to compromise on components.5 Expansion SlotsSetting the back panel at five expansion slots allows for up to a Micro-ATX motherboard. This still offers comprehensive options when it comes to your cooling set-up. This configuration accommodates: Roof: a 360mm or 280mm radiator, up to 65mm thick Side: a 280mm x 65mm radiator or 240mm x 85mm radiator Bottom: a 360mm radiator or 3 x 120mm fans, with a Micro-ATX or Bottom: a 360mm or 260mm radiator or 3 x 140mm fans, with a Mini-ITXUsing the five expansion slots is ideal if you have a few, select components you want to include in your set-up and still have plenty of space for liquid cooling.3 Expansion SlotsLastly, the back panel can be configured with three expansion slots. This will support a Mini-ITX motherboard. There is still flexibility with cooling, though. You can have: Roof: a 360mm or 280mm radiator, up to 100mm thick Bottom: a 360mm or 280mm radiator, up to 75mm thick, or 3 x 140mm fansIt should be noted that side panel cooling cannot be mounted with three expansion slots.Using three slots is ideal for making the most of the natural airflow.Floating Water PumpHow you configure the liquid cooling system depends on how many expansion slots you go for. There is yet still further options available beyond this. The water pump stand can be placed in one of three settings: flat, elevated, or floating. Whether you rest it upon the bottom of the case or let it float in a mystical RGB glow, your liquid cooling system is going to be stable and secure.Neat & TidyMuch like its bigger counterpart, the Lian Li O11D Mini Snow Edition has a dual chamber design. This optimises cable management, keeping them tidy and out of sight. They only feature at the front where they are needed, fed through to the primary chamber via rubber grommets. This also helps to prevent bulging, keeping this compact case looking sleek and tidy.The second chamber also houses the PSU and storage drives. The O11D Snow Edition is compatible with either an SFX PSU or the slightly larger SFX-L power supply unit, depending on how much airflow you require. The drive storage itself is further divided into two compartments, the side mounting bar and drive caddy. The side mounting bar can hold 2 x 2.5? SSDs while the caddy can hold either 2 x 3.5? HDDs or 2 x 2.5? SSDs, providing complete flexibility for your storage needs.GPU: Horizontal or VerticalWith GPUs traditionally taking up a third of your gaming PC budget, it stands to reason that it is a component to show off. The Lian Li O11D Mini Snow Edition is the perfect case for displaying your GPU. It can be mounted horizontally, like with most cases, lying flat in the case for excellent airflow. Alternatively, you have the option to mount it vertically, facing towards the tempered glass panel for all to see. This does not hinder the function of the GPU or the airflow in any way, and is a great way to display those show-stopping pieces. What?s more, this case can hold a GPU up to 395mm long.Sleek, Sturdy, & StylishCompleting the Lian Li O11D Mini Snow Edition is its stylish outer chassis. Manufactured from a combination of steel, aluminium, and tempered glass, it?s the perfect showcase for your small build PC. Sharing the bold O11 Dynamic range aesthetic, the aluminium panels have a brushed finish to complete the modern yet classic look.The I/O panel is situated on the top panel of the case. This features an illuminated power button with different colours to indicate status and a quality, grooved finish. Additionally, it has 2 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB-C 3.1 ports and an HD audio port all with easy access.


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