Jonsbo Jellyfish TW5 360mm High Performance CPU Water Cooler

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Jonsbo Jellyfish TW5 360mm High Performance CPU Water Cooler The Jonsbo Jellyfish 360 uses a triple radiator made of aluminum in a
360 mm format . The cooling capacity and the resulting volume are
regulated via the speed of the supplied 120 millimeter fans, which are
connected to the mainboard or a suitable fan controller via a 4-pin PWM
connection. The pump operates at an engine speed of 2,600 rpm . As
usual, the pump is integrated on the back of the CPU cooling block,
which lies with its copper surface on the AMD or Intel processor.
Jonsbo came up with something very special in terms of design . There
is stylish RGB LED lighting on the back of the cooling block, which
creates a fantastic effect. With this lighting, it is possible to
illuminate the circular LED strip in a variety of colors and effects
depending on the ideas and preferences of the user, which makes a lot of
things on the mainboard.
If the points already listed have not yet convinced you of the Jonsbo
Jellyfish 360 , you should read a little further: The AIO cooling is
not only extremely cooling and works relatively quietly, it is also
highly compatible with all modern sockets from AMD and Inteland is very
easy to assemble. It is also striking that the closed water circuit does
not have to be maintained, of course, and that the complete water
cooling also fits into smaller housings in which expansive tower air
coolers cannot be accommodated.
The Jellyfish 360 is delivered pre-filled. Thanks to the flexible
hoses , the radiator can be freely positioned on three adjacent 120 mm
fan slots in the housing.

Jonsbo Jellyfish 360mm Features

Complete Water cooling system with easy installation
360 mm aluminum radiator
Three 120 mm PWM fans included
RGB LED lighting effect on the pump
High compatibility with AMD and Intel


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