Fractal Design Celsius S36 Intel AMD 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler – Blackout Edition

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Fractal Design Celsius S36 Intel AMD 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler – Blackout Edition
Discover brand-new developments and premium sound dampening with the Blackout Celsius S36 Cooler from Fractal Design. This cooler will provide extreme operation with minimal noise for Intel and AMD CPUs to benefit you by providing the best gaming performance. It features smart, simple-to-use dual-mode speed controls that don’t require extra software, and an integrated fan hub with concealed cable routing for a tidy system. The fan and pump speeds can be easily managed with an intelligent auto mode, or switched to PWM mode for precise user control. The Blackout Celsius S36 features three Fractal Design Dynamic X2 fans that deliver superb cooling inside your build even during demanding usage.Features- Smart temperature-controlled mode adjusts fan/pump speeds in real-time- PWM mode enables precision manual tuning for any situation- Included PWM fans with wide speed adjustment range (500-2000 RPM)Enjoy High Performance & Low VolumeThe Celsius Series uses a wealth of cutting edge technology and premium sound dampening materials to deliver the ultimate cooling performance with minimum noise output. This variety of future-proof features allows your system to stay cool during the most demanding tasks, and aid it to work efficiently for years to come.Three Included Dynamic X2 FansThree Fractal Design Dynamic X2 PWM fans offer a wide speed adjustment range from 500 to 2000 RPM allowing for near-silent operation under lighter loads and delivering maximum airflow during intense usage. Even during long gaming sessions your system will receive unmatched cooling from the Blackout S36 cooler.Smart Modes For Your FansThe intelligent temperature-controlled auto mode adjusts your fan and pump speeds in real time to offer the perfect balance of cooling performance and silence for optimum operation, while PWM mode enables fine-tuned manual control for any situation.


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