Cooler Master MasterBox MB320L ARGB Micro-ATX Case Black Tempered Glass

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MasterBox MB320L ARGB Micro-ATX Case Black Tempered Glass
A New Shade of LightingThe MasterBox MB320L ARGB is a Micro-ATX PC case with two pre-installed ARGB fans and honeycomb mesh ventilation on either side of the DarkMirror front panel. The DarkMirror front panel is smoked a shade darker to sharpen the contrast of the ARGB fans pre-installed behind it, highlighting its best features.
A high potential for both air-cooled and liquid-cooled builds comprise of front, top, and rear ventilation with the possibility to mount additional fans and radiators. Upholding the award-winning principles of the MB Series, versatility is paired with presentation to ensure that any gaming system built inside the MasterBox MB320L ARGB looks as good as it performs.
Dual ARGB FansTwo pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans can be managed by the motherboard, connected by the included splitter, to create a comprehensive ARGB lighting system.

ARGB ControllerThe small ARGB Controller is a mini-sized controller that allows your Addressable RGB such as fans and LED strips to be powered and controlled even in PC systems without an A-RGB capable motherboard.The controller comes with 14 lighting presets to make full use of the Addressable LEDs in the system and also allows to be completely switched off by long pressing its button.It is also possible to attach any external 2pin button to it to be able to switch presets without having to open the system. For ease of use, Cooler Master allows the RESET button to be optionally connected to the controller and used as an external ARGB preset switch button.
Cooler Master MasterBox MB320L ARGB Features

Dual ARGB Fans
Mesh Intakes
Tempered Glass Side Panel
Room For Upgrades
Versatile Cooling Options


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