Cooler Master Ergo L Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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Cooler Master Ergo L Ergonomic Gaming ChairIt’s Got Your BackExperience comfort and support on a whole new level with the Ergo L. Designed to help you stay more focused whether you’re gaming or working with fully customizable support options for you to stay posture perfect.
Work & Play Never StopsSay yes to a chair that can take on any number of hours in front of your screen, be it for productivity or gaming. Build for utmost comfort, our Cooler Master Ergo Chair bridges the gap between performance looks and seated well-being for the champions that give their all every day. Better cooling and improved ventilation for longer sessions is provided by the breathable MuscleFlex? high tension mesh that also creates a unique suspended seating comfort with less fatigue and pressure. Get ready for work & play?s next level!
Designed for Comfort and Cooling PerformanceErgo L features tension meshed seat and backrest to provide an extra layer of support and comfort, creating a weightless seating experience. The engineered mesh also improves airflow and heat dissipation during longer sessions, keeping you cool in the heat of the battle. With high quality faux-leather padding, Ergo L exudes luxurious looks but offers care-free comfort in all gaming and working positions.
Cast Aluminium StrengthErgo L sports a 3D-engineered Cast Aluminium frame that synchronizes armrest with seatback reclining in a unibody design. This lightweight material doesn?t just look pristine but offers hours on hours of consistent performance and durability.

Effortless Personalization
Have you always been annoyed with hard to reach adjustment levers underneath the seat? With Ergo L you get to experience effortless comfort at your fingertips. Create your perfect posture for gaming or working in seconds.

Ready Set Er-go!
Featuring unique adjustments options such as seat depth and independent reclination, our Cooler Master ERGO chair defines new depths of personal comfort!

Hard Frame, Soft Core
The Ergo mesh seat and backrest undergo rigorous testing with over 20.000 cycles of abrasion, load and tensile tests. It?s rigid yet soft, subtle but powerful, the perfect companion for those who desires to be at the top of their game.

Mesh Me Up!Breathable MuscleFlex? high tension mesh is a ballistic-like material that strikes the perfect balance between strength and elasticity whilst providing uncompromised tenderness for all body shapes and weights! Tested at 100,000 cycles against impact and Technical Bulletin 117-2013 Smolder Resistance, the Cooler Master ERGO chair can take a serious beating and still come out victorious. Like player, like chair

Cooler Master Ergo L Features

Adjustable seat height
3 lockable recline angles
Seat depth adjustment
Headrest tilt and height adjustment
Adjustable lumbar support
Adjustable armrests


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