BullGuard VPN BG2190 – 1Year 6 Device

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BullGuard VPN BG2190 – 1Year 6 DeviceTotal freedom onlineKeeps users’ Internet activity private and secure, wherever they are. BullGuard VPN is the simple, one-click solution that ensures personal data can’t be intercepted.Giving you the flexibility to safely and securely access the Internet and online services from home, work or abroad.BullGuard VPN is the simple, one-click solution that ensures personal data can?t be intercepted and keeps users? Internet activity totally private. With over 2000 BullGuard VPN servers in 16 countries, users can shield their identity and enjoy parts of the online world they would otherwise not be able to access.With public anxiety about cybercrime and suspicions around privacy infringement by Governments, ISPs, Social Media companies and various ?research? organizations, it isn?t surprising that in the battle for privacy and security VPN has become the hot ticket item in online protection.Military-grade encryption keeps data safe from hackers, snoopers and criminalsSecurely share files and access data from cloud storageAccess applications and websites in complete anonymityEven access blocked websites or bypass Internet filtersCompatible with all major operating systemsWhy you need BullGuard VPNAt home, at work or on Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, hotels or airports, you can be confident that your personal data cannot be intercepted and your Internet activity stays totally private.In addition to protecting your security and anonymity anytime you go online, BullGuard VPN gives you a host of other benefits:No-one can spy on youWe’ll stop cyber-criminals, governments, your ISP, and Wi-Fi network administrators from snooping on your Internet activityand harvesting data about you and your online activity.It’s the simplest VPN to live withIt’s easy to set-up and fast to connect with QUICK CONNECT – one click connects you to the optimal BullGuard VPN server or you can choose any of our 16 countries around the world.Simply click on Quick Connect for one click access to the nearest BullGuard VPN server. Or choose to route through any of our 16 countries around the world to shield one?s identity and gain new access to the Internet.Complete Online FreedomBrowse freely, download, shop, bank and socialize from anywhere. Unlock entertainment content that’s otherwise restricted and gain access to censored websites or social media that aren’t available in your region.Encryption keeps your data secureMilitary-grade encryption gives bulletproof protection for your personal and financial data.Unlimited bandwidthOur 2,000+ ultra-fast servers ensure you get the best possible online experience, irrespective of what you’re doing or where you are.Better deals for the online shopperWhen your identity is protected it makes it impossible for traders to charge higher prices when you return to their site. Think what that could save you!Whatever device you’re using we have you coveredBullGuard’s VPN is compatible with all devices including Android and iOS, with each licence covering up to six devices (simultaneous connections).


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