Bitfenix Alchemy 3.0 ARGB Transparent Graphics Card Anti Sag Bracket

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Bitfenix Alchemy 3.0 ARGB Transparent Graphics Card Anti Sag BracketAcclaimed case manufacturer BitFenix now offers the Alchemy Bracket 3.0. This outstanding bracket will ensure your GPUs is held firmly in place. Thanks to Alchemy Bracket 3.0’s design, GPUs of a variety of lengths can be secured. Additionally, this unit has the advantage of including addressable RGB LED elements. As a result, the Bitfenix Alchemy can be incorporated into your case’s overall RGB LED configuration.The BitFenix Alchemy 3.0 Addressable RGB GPU bracket is ideal for users who have an advanced GPU and want to make sure that it does not “sag” after being fitted. Sag is an increasing problem as manufactures make more advanced GPUs with components that tend to be heavier. The danger is that an unsupported GPU may lose full contact with the PCI-e slot or worse become damaged.The Alchemy 3.0 offers a great solution to this. It comes in three parts. The main section plugs directly into a PCI-slot, from there two holders (a shorter and a longer one) can be attached to the main section via screws. The smaller one fixes the GPU in place and the larger one offers additional support to the GPU by making contact with the floor of the PC case.Eye-catching Addressable RGB LED elements includedAnother great feature of the Alchemy 3.0 is the inclusion of fully addressable RGB LED elements. This configuration can be daisy-chained easily with other elements in BitFenix cases. For instance, it can be connected to a control board and other ARGB components to ensure that illumination effects (such as strobing) are synchronised across components within the case. Indeed the Alchemy 3.0 is compatible with RGB syncing standards including Asus Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and MSI Mystic Light Sync to ensure compatibility with a variety of components.
Bitfenix Alchemy ARGB Support Bracket Features

Made from robust materials and capable of securely attaching a up to 7.5kg and 80-120mm long
18 mounting holes on bracket to allow for flexibility in mounting cards
3 sizes of extension holders included, 45mm, 80mm
Compatible with multiple RGB standards including: Asus Aura Sync, ALRock
Polychrome, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and MSI Mystic Light Sync

Daisy chaining of RGB LED Components


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