Aerocool Mirage L360 ARGB Performance 360mm CPU Water Cooler

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Aerocool Mirage L360 ARGB Performance 360mm CPU Water CoolerHigh-performance liquid cooler with an Infinity Mirror RGB design to deliver a unique and mesmerizing lighting experience. The Mirage is built to meet the highest engineering standards, ensuring your system will stay cool even under the most demanding conditions.INFINITY MIRROR RGB DESIGN Featuring a glass mirror design with a single RGB LED ring, the Mirage liquid cooler achieves an infinity effect with what seems like endless RGB rings to deliver a truly unique and mesmerizing lighting experience.EQUIPPED WITH THREE ADDRESSABLE RGB FANS Comes equipped with three 12cm Addressable RGB fans that can be controlled using Addressable RGB motherboard or LED control button.ADDRESSABLE RGB COMPATIBLEStylize and personalize your lighting experience with 16.8 million colors. This liquid cooler is fully compatible with Addressable RGB motherboards (Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASRock RGB Sync).MICRO CHANNEL DESIGN WATER BLOCKWater block is built with pure copper for a superior heat conductivity. The block?s micro channel design allows for faster heat dissipation, keeping your CPU at the ideal temperature under standard and overclocking performance scenarios.LOW-DENSITY FINS PER INCH RADIATORLow-density fins per inch radiator (LFPI) allows for air generated by the fans to pass through nearly unobstructed while providing just the right heat dissipation surface needed for the system. This achieves a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise reduction.TEFLON COATED TUBESThis liquid cooler is built with the highest quality tubing and fittings made of soft and durable material. Teflon coating on the tubing allows for ultra-low water loss, helping to extend the product lifetime.HIGH-PERFORMANCE SILENT FANSSilent high-performance fan maximizes cooling performance while delivering extra flair to your rig. Equipped with anti-vibration pads to absorb and dampen vibrations caused by fan rotation.Aerocool Mirage L360 FeaturesInfinity Mirror RGB design delivers a unique and mesmerizing lighting experienceComes equipped with three high-performance, silent Addressable RGB fansPure copper water block with micro channel design allows for faster heat transferBalanced impeller and high-quality bearings allow for silent performanceLow-density fins per inch radiator (LFPI) provide higher airflow at lower noise levelsTeflon coating on the tubing allows for ultra-low water loss, extending the product lifetime


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